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Your financial problems, Our solutions!

Your Financial World, Our Solutions

The world that you live in is definitely a financial one. Everything in it costs money. It is unique and can be complex and overwhelming at time. Matters such as estate planning, investment planning and retirement planning can be quite difficult to set-up and manage.  We at Laxton & Castle are a nationwide organization consisting of financial advisors and consultants who specialize in providing advice, guidance and solutions to financial problems. 

Our main focus is to provide you with a well-thought out approach to financial planning and providing you with a financial plan which incorporates all of you needs, goals and objectives. 

We offer  a number of solutions to meet your needs:

Equity Release

If you are already in retirement or soon to retirement, let us help you discover how your property can be used to provide you with an additional source of income during retirement. 


Retirement Planning

Achieving financial independence in retirement is our number one objective when it comes to us providing you with advice and guidance for your retirement.

Estate Planning

What will happen to your estate after your death? Let us help you to anticipate and arrange what will be needed in order to maximize your estate after death.


Investment Planning

We help you to identify effective investment strategies and advise you on the ones that will help you to secure a financial future.

Our Three-Step Approach

So how exactly do we provide you with the assistance and guidance that you need to make sure that you have a financially secured future? Well, we do so by following a quick three step approach.

Step 1 - Information Gathering

We spend sufficient time and effort by working closely with you to fully understand what your current financial situation is and to help you develop your future vision and goals.

Step 2 - Analysis

Once we have obtained the basic information that we need from you, we proceed to analyze it to find out if your current financial situation is consistent with your future goals and objectives. We will reflect on your current financial situation and your future requirements, and provide you with our findings.

Step 3 - Strategic Financial Plan

Having completed our analysis, we will formulate a strategic financial plan in which your future goals and objectives will be the main focus. This plan will be custom designed just for you and will include all of our recommendations for you.

One-on-One Financial Planning

It is important that you feel comfortable when working with us. This is why we conduct one-on-one financial sessions with you. Our financial advisors are ready and willing to come to your home and to sit and spend quality time with you to understand your situation and to provide you with the best financial advice possible. Apart from our one-on-one financial planning, we provide you with a number of additional resources to help you with your financial planning such as:



Financial Calculators

Financial Glossary





Financial Market Data





Financial Links

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We will offer you a financial plan that will incorporate all of your needs, goals and objectives!

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TestimonialsGertrude A. Grell
Grell Real Estate Management

The previous financial company that I was with had so many issues. I eventually lost trust in them and turned to Laxton & Castle after being advised to do so. I must say that the difference between this company and my previous financial company was immediately noticeable. I feel much more secure here.

TestimonialsMichael M. Emerson

I have every confidence in the team at Laxton & Castle. I know that they have my best financial interests at heart and will do whatever needed to make sure that my future is financially secured. 

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