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An Equity Release Sourcing Wizard is no Replacement for an Equity Release Adviser

An equity release scheme can prove to be beneficial to you in many different ways. An equity release scheme allows you to obtain equity that is tied up in your property. Most home owners are not aware that they can release equity from their property especially in their retirement. There are many different types of equity release schemes. The basis of any equity release scheme is your property which you can use as collateral in obtaining a loan or which you can sell. An equity release sourcing wizard can help you learn more about the potential options available to you.

In order to choose the best equity release scheme to meet your needs and requirements, you need to be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each equity release scheme. An equity release sourcing wizard can be a very beneficial tool when comparing equity release schemes. The equity release wizard will help you to filter out the equity release schemes that are the most relevant to you. It will narrow down your search to the schemes that best apply to your circumstances. You will however have to provide the wizard with the necessary information that is needed for it to be able to filter out the equity release schemes that will best suit your needs and requirements. Read More...

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TestimonialsGertrude A. Grell
Grell Real Estate Management

The previous financial company that I was with had so many issues. I eventually lost trust in them and turned to Laxton & Castle after being advised to do so. I must say that the difference between this company and my previous financial company was immediately noticeable. I feel much more secure here.

TestimonialsMichael M. Emerson

I have every confidence in the team at Laxton & Castle. I know that they have my best financial interests at heart and will do whatever needed to make sure that my future is financially secured. 

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